Who we are

The Group has been constituted in order to foster and facilitate, through scientific, cultural and professional activities, contacts amongst those who are interested, either from a clinical or from a biological point of a view, in cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy and in any way in clinical and experimental research in oncology.
Basic tasks of the organization are the following:

  • To foster and carry out trial protocols that involve all members according to one’s own competence;
  •  To create groups of study for specific research areas;
  • To organize regional and national Conferences;
  • To promote activities concerning the creation and the development of oncology facilities in Southern Italy;
  • To activate and keep scientific contacts with other national and international Oncology Associations;

The Oncology Group of Southern Italy is a non-profit organization.

The Organization is constituted by ordinary and honorary members. Ordinary members are graduated in Medicine, Biology, Chemistry or Pharmacy and everyone with primary interest in oncology.